The Bright Side of Hurricane IRMA

By Resource Living



There's no question that Hurricane Irma did a lot of damage to properties throughout Miami-Dade County and other parts of Florida. Of course, the first priority for homeowners after any serious storm like this is to make sure loved ones are okay. When it comes time to start assessing the damage to your home, however, there may be bright side to Irma that's not easy to recognize after viewing your property post-hurricane. As you start making plans for how to repair to your particular piece of real estate, consider making your remodeling project a worthwhile investment by doing more than simply repairing and replacing what was damaged.


Start with the Basics


A trusted local directory is an excellent starting point for finding the contractors you'll need to restore your home. For many homeowners dealing with hurricane damage, this is going to mean things like repairs to roofs and restoring air conditioning. With roofs alone, you may need gutters repaired or cleaned because of debris accumulation. Even if you don't see any visible damage, err on the side of caution and consider scheduling an inspection from a roofer. Further prioritize your list of basic repairs by surveying the extent of the damage to all parts of your property to determine if you need to consider:


• Fixes to structures on your property like a garage, pool house, or greenhouse that may have been damaged

• Repairs to your pool

• Attention to any damaged parts of your landscaping

• Any hardscaping elements of your landscape that may been damaged, such as patios, walkways, driveways, and customized property features like fountains and statues


Get Professional Cleanings Done


Cleaning after a major storm isn't always going to be a do-it-yourself job. Even if you've already had your property inspected for signs of mold and structural damage, you may have mud, dirt and debris on many surfaces inside and outside of your property. A local directory can help you find cleaning professionals to take care tasks such as:


• Pressure washing to clean outdoor surfaces on your property

• Removing stains and excess water from carpeting

• Refreshing flooring that may have been discolored or stained from storm-related water damage

• Reapplying sealant to decks (some pressure washing companies offer this service)


Consider Upgrading to Impact Windows


Not all windows are designed to withstand the impact of a severe storm. While no window is indestructible, impact windows are made to be more durable than standard windows. Some companies in Florida also offer impact doors that can provide additional peace of mind when the unexpected happens.


Explore Remodeling Possibilities


Repairing storm damage doesn't mean you have to opt for the same home design. For instance, if there's extensive damage to your living room room or family room area, consider making an update to the entire space. If a bedroom or guestroom was damaged, you may want to consider updates like sliding closet doors or making a closet larger to give yourself more storage options. Some other possible considerations for your post-storm remodel:


• Updates to lighting to improve energy efficiency

• Garage or basement conversions to create more usable living spaces

• Flooring updates that may include new carpeting, replacing damaged or outdated wood flooring, or upgrading to different types of tile


Remodeling for Potential Homebuyers


It's not unusual for some homeowners to consider moving after a severe storm. If you've made up your mind to move post-Irma, make your property more appealing to homebuyers by making a strategic improvements before you schedule an appointment with a real estate agent in your area. After you make basic repairs, make sure everything is fine with the air conditioning or the HVAC system since indoor comfort is something most homebuyers consider when making a purchase. If you're going to invest in any significant update to boost your home's resale value before you list it, a new kitchen can be a wise investment. Along with bathrooms, kitchens are what many buyers typically consider before making a purchase offer.


Recoup Your Investment with a New Kitchen


If you're looking for post-storm improvements that will likely produce a significant return on your investment, a new kitchen should be on your to-do list. When done right, a kitchen makeover can produce a ROI as high as 80-90 percent over time in terms of the impact it can have on a home's value. Keep in mind that a remodel is also a good excuse to infuse more of your personality into your new and improved kitchen with:


• Cabinets that are more aesthetically pleasing

• Countertops, cabinets, and floors that are lower in maintenance and made of materials that are more durable

• Customized window treatments that allow for more natural light in your kitchen

• Smarter uses for lighting such as pendant lighting over an island, recessed lighting, or even kitchen floor lights


Don't Forget the Finishing Touches


Since your property is going to need some post-storm work anyway, use this as an excuse to factor in some appealing finishing touches to your home design plans. With your home's interiors, that can include window treatments, the lighting fixtures you have throughout your various rooms, and your selection of colors and textures for rooms that will need to be repainted. With your exterior spaces, landscaping is a finishing touch that can really enhance your curb appeal and accentuate your home's exterior features.


A well-planned home remodel in one way to experience something positive from something as devastating as Hurricane Irma. After you've done your initial cleaning, survey the damage and determine where there are opportunities to update your property's interiors and exteriors. Using a local directory to find the professionals you'll need to get all the work done can ease your financial burden. You'll be able to see who's available locally and get estimates from more than one contractor before making any commitments. The information you'll get from the Resource Living directory also makes it easier to find the right local contractors and businesses you'll need to restore and improve your property.





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