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Summer Ideas to Keep Kids Busy Around the House

By Resource Living


Summer is one of the longest seasons of a parent’s life if they stay home or work from home. The kids are out of school for more than two months, and they’re inevitably bored within minutes of coming home from that last day of school. It leaves parents scrambling to find ways to keep their kids entertained, though it’s not your job to keep them busy 24/7. It helps them grow and learn to suffer from a little healthy boredom on occasion. This is what inspires them to use their imagination, to get creative, and to thrive. There’s no such thing as real boredom because there is always something to do, and these activities might just inspire your kids to get out and have a little fun.


Plant A Garden

Spring is the ideal time to plant a garden in South Florida, but that’s not to say you cannot get the kids out in the yard to plant their own summer garden. A visit to the local nursery yields a plethora of knowledge both you and the kids can use regarding what grows well in the summer, how to best plant a garden, and how you can get the most out of your garden. This is a great activity for your kids no matter their age. It teaches them responsibility, gives them something to do each day, and it can be done rain or shine. It’s hot and humid this time of year and there is always a chance your garden could suffer during a potential hurricane, but it’s a great way to get the kids outside despite the sticky weather.


Find Cheap Indoor Activities

Here’s the deal. It’s hot, it’s humid, and it rains a lot in South Florida during the summer. This means you must find some simple indoor activities for the kids, but they don’t want to stay home all the time. This is the best time to search for your local activities that are inexpensive and fun. Try contacting your local movie theater to see if they offer any $1 movie days. Most Regal Cinemas owned theaters do this at least one day a week, and many local movie theaters do the same.

Contact local bowling alleys to find out when they host a family day or $1 bowling day. it’s a cheap way to get the kids and their friends out to have a little fun on a rainy day. Local zoos, museums, libraries, and other locations also offer free or inexpensive activities for kids on certain days, too. Check your local paper or call around to see if there is anything your kids would love that’s offered for little to nothing.


Host a Summer Movie Marathon

There are so many amazing movies out for kids, and there’s a great way you can keep the kids entertained in inclement weather. You can host a Harry Potter marathon, for instance. It’s 7 movies that are all long, and you could spend almost an entire week hosting movie day at home. Pick a series and let the kids get into it. For extra credit, have them complete challenges at certain points in the movie for a prize. Have them do so many push-ups every time Harry casts a spell or every time Ron makes a mistake. The kid who does the most push-ups at the end of the series gets a prize.


Get Outside

When all else fails, there are ball fields, parks, and even your own yard that offers so much potential. This is a great time for the kids to do something active and outdoors. Get their friends together and meet at the local baseball field for an impromptu game. Have them meet at the local basketball court for a game. Get the kids together and have a backyard field day with Hula Hoop contests, potato sack races, and more. You can even have their friends over and let them go outside on a scavenger hunt. Give them a list of things to look for in the yard. It’ll keep them busy and entertained for hours.

Don’t forget it never hurts your kids to think they’re bored. It’s great to keep them active and entertained, but they need to learn to entertain themselves and keep their minds occupied. This is typically when they’ll come up with their own creative games and ideas, and it’s how they learn to be more innovative thinkers. Family fun and entertainment are so important, but your kids will become better for being a little bored on occasion. When you have the time and you’re ready to entertain them yourself, these suggestions just make the day a little sweeter. It’s also helpful to remember it’s often the littlest things that make kids happy. Take them out for ice cream to combat a hot day, buy them ice pops and let them have them in the yard, and take them to the beach. They can take it from there.





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