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Managing a Balanced Marketing Campaign

By Resource Living

A balanced marketing campaign allows you to get more out of your advertising budget. When you effectively distribute campaign funds to different marketing channels, you have more data that can be used to optimize audience targeting.

Instead of being restricted to a single advertising channel, you can use proven “old school” and “digital” advertising medias. This gives you a well-rounded marketing strategy that targets potential customers, no matter what their habits may be. Furthermore, this spread of traffic and lessens the risk of a negative return. It also gives you an opportunity to pick and choose the best marketing channels based on your results.

Here's how to manage a balanced marketing campaign and get the most out of your ads and investments.


Use direct mail magazines

A great way to reach potential new customers is to pro actively go out and reach out to them. Very few Medias do this better than direct mail. In addition, direct mail magazines offer a larger audience for less since the cost of postage and printing costs are spread out among many advertisers. In comparison to digital media, direct mail indiscriminately targets entire demographics not based on on line habits or search history. Your chances to entice a consumer about your product or service is good if they never had even considered what you offer. It is also a great tool to remind current and past customers that you exist, especially if they are reminded on a periodical basis. It's easy and inexpensive to mail-out a brochure, magazine, or postcards. This is also a good way to create balance with your marketing campaign. Modern small marketing companies are so focused on digital media because it’s easy and does not require a large capital investment. By nature they view these more conventional advertising methods with a competitive stance. As a result, they tend to trash talk and denounce the effectiveness of print. Print is still a very effective way to increase awareness and revitalize your marketing campaign. Often times, customers just need a quick reminder that you're there and available.

Social media ads

Social media advertising was once concerned a joke among pay-per-click or PPC campaign specialists. This was because of the low return that social media ads often netted for businesses. Today, everyone uses Facebook to engage with their friends and family and that means it's an ideal place to reach your audience. Social media advertising even allows you to target users by a huge number of demographics and it gives you an alternative to expensive PPC options such as Google Adwords. If done correctly, ads in social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram can generate successful marketing campaigns.



You can mail magazines, put out radio or television slots, or setup a social media campaign, but if you don’t have an established brand you could lose the effectiveness of any marketing. Imprint your brand and image in the public eye. Marketing is only as good as the image you portray about you. How many times have you seen an ad and looked up the business online to find a low budget website, non-informative website, or no website at all. As a result, your initial perception of the company is either diminished or doubts about its motives are revealed. Use graphics, banners, pens, clothing, and other traditional promotional items to engage in branding. Use branding that is current with the current market and don’t be scared to update your brand every few years, especially if you are in a contemporary industry.

Online directory listings

Business directories provide quality links to your website and can increase your search engine presence, but they're also a place for your audience to find you directly. Take advantage of any free directory on reputable websites that are mobile friendly. Setup accounts on sites like Google+ and Yelp. These are free and have a great following by consumers on the go who look for reviews and self-assurance. Take time to manage and pay attention to reviews you have in local directories. Make sure your branding is being used to ensure a strong impression. The more solid your brand is across all advertising outlets the more solvent you look to consumers.


Search engine marketing

You can pay Google through their PPC program called Google Adwords and get ranked at the top of their search engine for your most desirable keyword phrases. This is a great way for businesses to diversify their campaign and create balance with their marketing efforts. However, there's also search engine optimization where your website can rank in search engines at no cost. To do so, you must have great content and links from other reputable websites. Your content must also be on-page optimized and promoted to gain exposure and links. You can pay writers to help you create content that's catered to your audience.


Resource guide tutorials and content marketing

Creating a resource guide and an extensive content marketing strategy is the best way to provide for your audience. Your customers have pain points and by addressing those concerns with quality guides and content, you can help answer their questions while also guiding them toward your products and services. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with readers and create a natural following behind your brand. You can promote your content and capitalize on the followings of other websites. Share your work on social media, web 2.0 websites, and other platforms where you can get direct traffic to your website.


Invest in technology to share with your audience

One of the most challenging parts of being in the B2B industry today is the rising costs of software. Just about every product is offered as a SAAS subscription and billed at a monthly cost. To address this pain point for your audience, you can invest in technology that is beneficial and can be shared with your users. For instance, marketing companies often provide free website auditing tools, keyword research software, and other valuable applications. This gives their users a competitive advantage and it's a huge benefit to the brand providing it. If you can invest in technology that's applicable to your readers, you can provide it for free and gain traffic and exposure in the process. Real estate agents often share mortgage calculators and car insurance agencies share insurance calculators. You can do the same regardless of the niche you're in.



Managing a balanced marketing campaign can be a challenge as your budget increases. Be sure to spread marketing campaign funds across different channels to improve your access to advertising and optimization data. Don’t allow the opinions of so called experts who are trying to sell you one type of media to divert you from the value of other Medias. All advertising channels offer value. Invest time and resources to create a brand and maximize it in your marketing. The more places you advertise and invest as a business, the better your chances of creating profitable campaigns with a high return on investment.

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