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The Latest Bathroom Trends Have You Looking in the Mirror

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It is easy to overlook the importance of custom mirror work in home design at first glance. However, mirrors can be used in strategic ways in a bathroom remodeling project to deliver impressive results that you can thoroughly enjoy for years to come. For example, the reflection of light in the room can make a smaller bathroom seem larger. The mirror framing style can add dramatic flair to an otherwise rather non-descript space. Just as you would spend ample time choosing plants for your landscaping project outdoors, you need to focus on mirrors when remodeling one or more bathrooms in your home.


The Organic Look of Natural Materials

BathroomOne of the hottest bathroom trends today is to incorporate natural materials into the space to give the bathroom a more organic look and feel. For example, natural stone is increasingly used as a backsplash or counter top material in bath design. Both natural stone and beautifully stained wood can be used in mirror framing to directly offset the mirror in bold juxtaposition. This works well with a variety of bathroom styles. For example, when completing your bathroom remodeling project with a modern look, dark gray river stones can be used to outline or frame the mirror. Natural wood that has an ornate design looks fabulous with antique mirrors in homes with historic appeal. When you are remodeling your property's bathrooms, pay close attention to the materials and coloring used in the mirror frames. The frames give you an excellent opportunity to incorporate an organic or natural feel into this space while still corresponding well with the theme of your bathroom.


The Classic Appeal of Antique Mirrors

bathroom sinksIf you are one of the many homeowners who are renovating an older or historic building through your bathroom remodeling project, you understandably want to retain the antique charm of your home design while updating the look and functionality of this space to meet your modern needs. A smart way to accomplish this is to bring antique mirrors into your bathroom. Antique mirror frames with your choice of finishes can complement your bath design, and they can add dramatic appeal in a focused or central way. If you cannot find an antique mirror that appeals to you, keep in mind that you can purchase a standard frame with an antique look. This frame can be used with your modern mirror to create a timeless, classic look that you can enjoy for years to come.


A Clean, Frameless Look

Frameless Shower DoorsWhile mirror framing is one option for homeowners to consider when selecting mirrors, there are other bathroom trends that use a clean, frameless design. Just as you may opt for frameless shower doors in your bathroom, you can also opt for a frameless mirror. Frameless shower doors and mirrors leave sharp, crisp edges that usually create a modern feel in your space. They create a fresh look that many people desire in their bathroom. In some cases, however, you can complete custom mirror work that incorporates a very thin or narrow metal frame around the mirror. This can transform the look of your mirror because it brings a metal finish into the space. However, it can add the extra touch of character that your space may need.


Excellent Powder Room Ideas

Bathroom trendsA home remodeling project is often not complete without spending at least some time focusing on powder room ideas. A powder room or half-bath presents the unique challenge of having a very limited amount of space to work with. Many of these rooms also do not have windows, and this can create a cramped, closed off feel in the room. While you can definitely bring antique mirrors or other bathroom trends into this space to give the room character that corresponds well with the rest of the home, remember that custom mirror work can also be used in an elevated or elongated way. Powder room ideas that extend mirrors from the vanity almost to the ceiling can give this space a much larger feel. You can also play off of the illusion of mirrors in a bathroom by placing mirrors on opposite walls facing each other. If you do have a window, consider installing a frosted glass window. While this will block the view of your landscaping, it can allow natural light into the space while still giving you the privacy you need.

As you can see, there are many fabulous renovation design ideas involving mirrors that can dress up all of your home's bathrooms in different and creative ways. Focus on the placement of your mirrors as well as the size and shape. Even the custom mirror work will heavily influence your bathroom’s look and feel. When you keep these ideas in mind when creating a new home design, you can enjoy fabulous results in your space.

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Bathroom ideas
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