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Five Reasons you should attend the Home Show

By Resource Living



Are you are searching for design inspiration for your current home? Perhaps you’re planning a move to a new residence and you’d like some fresh design ideas so you can put your own unique stamp on the home. Either way, you’re likely to find exactly what you’re looking for at the 2017 Home and Design Remodeling Show taking place at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Discover five reasons why you should make it a point to attend our home show this year.


Find Ideas to Boost Your Kitchen’s Appeal


A visit to the 2017 Home and Design Remodeling Show can fill you with ideas on how to make your kitchen more inviting. After all, the kitchen can be the most popular room in a house! You will find the latest design trends for counter tops, appliances, wall colors, floors and lighting. Instantly modernize your kitchen with natural granite counter tops that are both attractive and practical. Checkout cutting-edge options for kitchen sinks such as the articulating kitchen sink faucet that serves your needs while bringing your kitchen and home decor into the 21st century. Sometimes changing one aspect of a kitchen can refresh the entire tone of the space.


Transform an Outdoor Area into an Entertainment Space


Maybe you have a patio area or deck you want to use for outdoor entertainment, but you’re not quite sure where to begin. The professionals and expert designers at our show can provide you with lots of ideas. You can create the perfect seating area providing your guests with a choice of sunlight or shade. We have ideas for outdoor areas that include fully-equipped kitchens so you never have to leave your guests to fend for themselves as you prepare a meal. Modern appliances, comfortable furnishings and a pleasant setting are essential elements for making outdoor areas inviting to friends and family.


Learn How to Make the Most of the Natural Lighting in Any Room


One of the biggest reasons to visit our home show is the abundance of design ideas related to natural lighting. Learn about the latest design trends for skylights and windows that can make the most of the sunlight pouring into your home. We can show you how home décor elements such as wall color, floor color and mirrors can amplify the natural light entering a room.



Ask the Experts for Pointers


If you’re interested in home improvement, you can get advice from the gathering of top-notch experts at our show. Ask the questions you’ve always wanted to. What design ideas do you have for a bathroom with one small window and a stand-alone sink? What are some home tech ideas that can help me save on the monthly electrical bill? What ideas do you have for transforming my small patio into the perfect place for outdoor entertainment? These are just a few of the innumerable questions you can ask the designers and home tech experts who will be attending our show this year.


Stir Up Your Creativity


You love the home you’re living in, but there is one room you’ve always wanted to transform. You want to make it into a place where you can explore your talent for creating watercolor paintings. The variety of home decor ideas at our show is sure to stir up your creativity and move you toward an imaginative plan for your new art studio. Along with idea for home art studios, our show has home and design ideas for master bedrooms, kids’ rooms, finished basements, bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms and more. A home improvement project can encompass a single room or an entire house. Take the ideas you want and leave the rest behind.


Finally, the Home Design and Remodeling Show starts on September 1st and runs through September 4th. Free tickets are available by Liking our Facebook page. Make plans to visit our show and get the design inspiration you need to make your home look its very best.




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Home Designand Remodeling Show
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