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Getting your Home Ready for Summer

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Getting ready for the summer months

The summer season is when more people spend time outdoors and can host guests once the warm weather arrives. When the season is around the corner, it's time to prep your home and makes it comfortable. If you want to enhance your property and get more use out of it, there are a few necessary steps to take when it comes to home improvement and decorating.


Increase Your Landscaping


Transform the look of your landscaping and beautify your yard with new flowers and shrubs that are planted on the exterior of your property. You can tidy up the flower beds by clearing out the weeds and redefining the edges, which will enhance the home's curb appeal. Fixing the sprinklers is also necessary and examining the heads for any winter damage that has occurred. Look for cracked pipes or broken heads to ensure that different areas of the grass are watered properly.


Get the Gas Grill Out


Enjoy cooking outdoors and hosting people by getting your gas grill out for summer cooking. Turn on the grill for 10 minutes to remove any dirt or grime that is present on the surface to clean it properly. Wiping the interior of the product with soapy water is also necessary to ensure that it ready for plenty of use.


Inspect the Roof


Hire a professional to inspect the roof and look for any areas that need repairs. The roof may have an exposed deck due to missing or loose materials from the winter season. You may also have a few leaks that are present, which can increase the risk of mold in the building during a hurricane. Inspecting the roof boards in the attic will also allow you to discover any moisture that has leaked into the building to ensure that the necessary repairs are made.


Cleaning out the gutters is also a necessary step to take to remove twigs and debris that has accumulated throughout the winter season. Neglecting the gutters can cause animals to become more attracted to the building and can also prevent water from properly draining off of the roof.


Update Your Insulation


Adding new insulation to the building can reduce your energy costs during the summer season once the heat arrives. Consider adding more insulation on top of the material that is already in place in the attic. You can also consider ventilating the attic to prevent hot air from building up in the home.


Add Wallpaper


If you want to embrace the summer season, make a statement in one of the main rooms of your home by applying wallpaper to an accent wall. Wallpaper has many different prints and can include a floral print or ocean waves to ensure that you bring a touch of the outdoors into the home.


Furnish Your Deck


Make it easy to entertain the backyard and dine outdoors with new patio furniture that is purchased. Adding seat cushions and an umbrella overhead can allow you to have a relaxing place to lounge around and enjoy a meal with your family members and friends.


Create a cozy hideaway on the deck with potted plants that are added and even a wind chime or two, which will enhance the quality of the setting.


Creating a cabana will also make the outdoor environment luxurious while lounging poolside. The cabana can include curtains that are installed on the patio cover, which can block the sun and increase the level of privacy that is included on the property. Adding string lights will illuminate the setting when spending time outdoors at night and will also add a whimsical effect that makes the backyard look beautiful in the summer evenings.


Give Your Air Conditioning a Checkup


The air conditioning is one of the most used appliances in the home during the summer months to maintain a cool and comfortable interior setting. Test the HVAC system to determine if it's working correctly and is cooling each room of the home quickly. It's also important to replace the air filters to ensure that the appliance doesn't have to work too hard when it's in use.


Investing in a programmable thermostat is also a priority to reduce your energy usage and prevent the home from having its temperature fluctuate at different times of the day.


Decorate with Stripes


Decorating with stripes is perfect for summer, which can be painted on your walls or used on your couch with the pillows that are added. Use blue and red stripes on different fabrics and furnishings in the space, which will look allow you to embrace a classic and laid back beach style. You can even use striped cushions on your patio chairs or chaises next to the pool for added color and patterns.









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