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Five Affordable Ways to Update your Home

By Robert Cozzi


When speaking of an update to the home, this might mean working only on certain areas such as renewing cabinets or improving the landscaping throughout the outdoor areas surrounding it. Jobs such as these along with others involving flooring, home design and decor, rugs or lighting, can be done the DIY (do-it-yourself) way. However, there’s something important to be considered before starting a DIY project: your loss of time, energy and money if the job isn’t done correctly.

A variety of service providers are offered in Resource Living for those people who need help when it comes to any kind of house improvement job. The remodeling experts listed in this directory will provide customers with competent and proficient work.

Below we offer five affordable ways to upgrade your home and you can use our resource directory to help you choose the appropriate service provider for your remodeling job.



One of the things that people consider changing in kitchens are the cabinets. Here are two ideas:

Instead of replacing cabinets, reface them for almost half the cost. Doors and drawer fronts are detached and refaced with the finished preference of the customer (wood, laminate, etc.) in the style and color they choose;

How about no doors at all? “Open shelving” is a handy, inexpensive way to conveniently eliminate having to open and close doors.



A lovely bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the resale value of a house and raise the interest of home buyers. Therefore, it’s a good idea if the bathroom is included in the update of the home design project because nothing turns home buyers off more than seeing a decrepit, outdated bathroom.

Whether the project is big or small, it’s advisable that a professional be called in because the bathroom might have problems such as frayed wiring, rusty pipes or hidden corrosion that should be dealt with before attempting to do anything (they can also give advice on what can be done with the bathroom). Then consider these ideas:

“Glazed subway tile” around the bathtub/shower which produces a lasting, sophisticated look for only a few dollars per square foot;

For flooring, an idea growing in popularity is re tiling only a small portion of the bathroom floor with one of the designer accent tiles (i.e., a tiled “rug"); and

For worn, dirty bathtubs that require serious cleaning (and a professional cleaning service is not in the picture!), go for a refinished or “re glazed” look where the old finish is stripped off and sanded, holes/cracks, etc. are repaired, and then a primer, numerous layers of coating and a sealant is applied.



This is another area on home buyers’ special interest list. Sometimes it’s acceptable if the garage can only hold one car but if this is the case, it would be nice if the garage has space to store other things. First, with the clutter that can pile up, you can end up with a major cleaning job. Once cleaned, a convenient and economical thing to do is install one or more pegboards with hooks to hold as many tools as necessary. Installing wooden or stainless steel shelving can handle any other items that might be occupying too much space (purchasing certain types of large receptacles could be useful too.



One of the major elements that bring beauty and ambiance to these rooms is the windows so we focus on the type of window treatments to be used such as blinds, shades or curtains. Blinds and shades produce a feeling of spaciousness, and curtains can produce an enclosed feeling of being in your own, private world. There are affordable window treatments in all of the household improvement stores but a person may need help with installing some of the window treatments they purchase.

Some people may have to consider whether or not to install impact windows, especially if they live in areas that tend to experience severe weather patterns. However, although impact windows can include style and attractiveness, its main function is security. Thus, before a price estimate can be given, there’s detailed information that must be known (i.e., complete window replacement or just glass, number of windows, etc.) before the next step can be taken. Nevertheless, upgrading your windows will certainly add a lovely touch to the decor of your house.



The outdoor areas which include lawns, backyards and possibly a pool, will require a different kind of handling. A professional landscaping team will do wonders for your lawn and backyard and a professional pool cleaning service should be contacted for the proper care of your pool. Resource Living can be of enormous assistance in helping to find experts at reasonable prices.



One of the best economical ways to give your house a new, revitalized look is by doing a partial or complete paint and/or wallpapering job. Keep in mind that we are also knowledgeable in the areas of carpeting, rugs and lighting and can put you in touch with the best professionals that will help customers find and make their ideal choices and decisions. Rest assured, whatever your needs, Resource Living is here to help!





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